Bitcoin step-by-step guide

In this step-by-step guide we tell you everything you need to start in the world of crypto currencies. We create together a wallet and buy our first crypto currency (Bitcoin BTC) .

What is a Wallet?

wallet for Crypto currencies is something like a wallet and an online account for digital currencies together. A Wallet enables you to pay by Crypto Currencies to send money to other wallets and of course to get even. The best way to compare it with a Paypal account.  find out all the facts about Bitcoin code

A provider of such wallets is Coinbase. Why Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the largest and best known providers of online wallets for Crypto currencies. He enjoys a very good reputation in the community and offers the possibility of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum via credit card or bank transfer to buy.
Another advantage is the low barrier to entry, because the application, but especially the handling is very easy and now also designed intuitive.
In addition Coinbase meets all safety aspects that are part of our standard (two-step authentication, verification of identity) .
So, let’s get right to the registration begin!

How to buy my first Bitcoins?

1Sign in Coinbase
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2finish setup
3Buy Bitcoin
4Download DCR Starter Guide
Bitcoin buy DCR instructions cryptocurrency

Buy Bitcoin | secure DCR Bonus

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Bonus Buy & Bitcoin

You did it! Now you’re officially owners of Bitcoins (BTC) and ready for the next step!

bitcoin crypto buying guide dcr
We advise you to a separate Bankonto credit card to create. You have so always overview of all transactions and the most important thing:
In a transaction with a credit card you have a much shorter waiting time , so you can react quickly if necessary!We advise you to the N26 checking account with free Mastercard .